Hello, my name is NJ King and I am the sole business owner/operator of Pipers Pixels which has been opened for business since 2001. All of the work that is done for products is completed by my own hand drawn artwork, and design. I am a detail-oriented person and work diligently to make the designs and products as perfect as possible. You, my customers, are my most important reason for pursuing this business. When you are delighted with your purchase, I am also happy. Other than for you, my customer, the other commitments I have are to God, family and my country. Oh, and last but not least, my little Chihuahua named Chancey.

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It all started here..competitioncircleIn a piping competition circle….somewhere in the mid 90’s. I had purchased lessons for my husband to learn bagpipes and I was learning the bass drum. That did it! We both got the fever for everything ‘Bagpiping-related’, and/or of Scottish or Celtic flavor. Being the bass drummer in the middle of that circle was the most awesome experience! The volume of the bagpipes enveloped me and made my heart beat faster so I knew I had to share my love of this.

I started designing and making Bagpiping and Scottish inspired greeting cards and more….pixel by pixel.


As the drawings of images of bagpipes, drums, Celtic knots, kilts, and cards started to accumulate; I realized that it was time to venture into a small business online.  Drawing an image digitally sometimes took weeks of tediously pushing the pixels around to get it just right.  Thus the name of “Pipers Pixels” was born.

The business of selling them was and still is, very much like a Bagpiping competition. One must practice and practice to perfection, experience stress during the performance, and then feel the discouragement or exuberance with the results posted by the judges. I think of you, my customers as “judges” and strive to deliver a high quality product that will help you enjoy this genre as much as I do. I truly love everything about piping & drumming and also love what I’m doing as a business!

Thank you for visiting us! We appreciate you, our customer, and your business!

NJ King
Pipers Pixels